Building a Car-Nut’s Garage

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Your car deserves a good home. Whether you’re looking for a venue to showcase your latest project, or the well-organized workspace of a master car-nut, sometimes you need a good garage renovation. Determine which type of garage you are looking for, then check out some of the common areas for DIY improvements and see how you can customize your garage to fit your needs.

Classic Car Showcase

You’ve put time and money into restoring a classic. Now you need space to showcase your new build. Whether you completed the full restoration, or your just particularly proud of your car, you want a garage that draws all eyes to the main event: your car. Consider some of these projects to keep your garage practical and ready to show off your latest car.

Stylish Flooring

Give that old floor some much needed care. Whether you use acrylic paint designed for garage floors, or another finish type, a clean, freshly painted garage floor can be the most important detail that helps your car look new and polished.

Bright Interior

A few fluorescent lights aren’t going to draw anyone’s attention. Upgrade to LED lights, and consider adding directional lights on the ceiling and walls of your garage. Added light will make your garage feel more spacious, and will show off every angle of your prized possession.

Another important consideration is your windows and doors. Consider adding extra windows to your garage, or increasing the size of your existing windows. Your garage door or exterior door can also have windows, so consider replacing them. This job may be beyond your DIY skills, but will greatly increase the amount of natural light in your garage.


Whether you are planning on performing simple maintenance steps, like an oil change, or simply giving your car a complete wash and wax, you still need storage space. Adding shelving with drawers and doors is a simple way to clean up your garage and make it look and feel like a finished space.

Finishing Touches

You want your garage to feel like another room in your home. If your garage is unfinished, add insulation, drywall and paint to give it a more welcoming feel. Consider adding a heating unit for year-round use. If you’re showing a car to your friends and family, you want your garage to be a room where people want to stay for a while.

Mechanic’s Studio

You’ll show care to your car on the open road. If you feel a garage is a place for grease stains, auto parts and more tools than you can count, then consider some of these practical garage upgrades.

Tools, Tools and More Tools

A good mechanic needs plenty of tools, and a great mechanic has more tools than you can count. Think practically about the amount of space you need to work, and where you can store your tools that is easily accessible. Rolling carts are easy to use, but be sure to keep enough floor space to move around your car. Consider shelving and pegboard to keep your floor clear.

Durable Flooring

Carefully inspect your garage floor for any cracks. Consider an inexpensive patch kit for an easy way to fill the cracks and create a uniform surface. Look for any floor drains. If your garage floor doesn’t have a drain, it’s possible to add new floor drains. If you do have floor drains, check that they aren’t clogged or backed up. Having a durable garage floor that drains any water or oil runoff is an important step to making a car-nut’s dream garage.

Electrical and Plumbing Upgrade

Once you’ve got all the basics, you may want to run power for some larger equipment. If your garage has an arc welder, large air compressor or lift, you may need 220-volt electricity. Working with high-voltage electricity can be dangerous for an inexperienced homeowner, so consider hiring an electrician for this job.

A work sink can be a huge timesaver. Check your home’s plumbing to see if you’re able to run water and drain lines to your garage. If you aren’t sure how to properly run a drain line, contact a local plumber for this job.

Finishing Touches

With new plumbing, electrical, welding and oil changes, you’ll want to make sure your garage is a safe workspace. Be sure to have plenty of ventilation, or a carbon monoxide detector. A fire extinguisher is a critical addition to any workspace, especially around cars.


From major renovations to cosmetic touches, there’s plenty of ways to make your garage look and feel like a car-nut’s garage. Determine the type of space you are looking for and see what projects you can tackle that are within your budget. Whether you are a DIY guru or know trustworthy professionals, many of these additions are simple and easy to accomplish. Your car will have a new home, and you’ll feel more confident about your new and improved garage.