The Instant Pot Has Revolutionized How Some People Choose to Cook

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While pressure cookers have been around for a long time, Instant Pots were invented in 2010. They don’t just pressure cook, they function as a multi-cooker, which can handle a number of different types of functions, from baking to boiling to roasting. Invented by Robert Wang for Instant Brands, the Instant Pot soon gained acclaim in certain circles.

What makes these multi cookers so attractive is the variability and flexibility with which they prepare food. They can be set for slow cooker-style cooking and prepare food over the course of a day or cook large items quickly. Just set the controls accordingly While several other companies, including Breville, Gormia, and Cuisinart, have debuted version of slow cookers or pressure cookers that have some of the same capabilities, Instant Pot is one of the best marketed and selling models. Read on to find out if the Instant Pot makes a good fit in the kitchen.

Types of Instant Pots

There are two distinct styles of Instant Pots, with many models of each. Whether an individual wants a smart slow cooker or a smart pressure cooker is the first choice they should make. Then, one should choose a size. The models run from 3-quart to 6-quart to 8-quart. The first is ideal for one or two people. The second size accommodates a small family or dinner guests, and the largest size will amply feed many people.

  • The Lux – all sizes, 6-in-1 with 12 smart programs
  • The Duo – all sizes, 7-in-1 with 14 pre-set programs
  • Duo Plus – all sizes, 9-in-1 with 15 programs
  • The Viva – 6/8, same as Duo Plus, with an LED display and more colors
  • Ultra – All sizes, 10-in-1 with dial for pressure customization
  • Max – 6, high-pressure, special presets
  • Smart WiFi – WiFi enabled, begin and monitor progress via smartphone app
  • Aura – 6, non-pressure, 10-in-1 multicooker
  • Aura Pro – 6, non-pressure, 11-in-1 multicooker

Whichever option is chosen, it’s sure to be a great fit with the home. While the instant pot is not small-kitchen friendly, it works well with any space that has a sufficiently large counter to accommodate its footprint.

Easy Instant Pot Cooking Ideas

Depending on which model of Instant Pot a person selects, there are a number of easy meal and snack options available. Appetizers such as mozzarella cheese sticks, cheesy mushroom bites, coconut shrimp bites or soft pretzels have recipes on the official Instant Pot site. For main course items, the options are almost endless.

Individuals can customize their meal preferences and include items such as sticky sweet soy pork ribs, harvest pizza, Navajo Indian bread tacos, coconut shrimp with a spicy aioli, air fryer parmesan pork chops, or spaghetti for a crowd. When dinner is finished, satisfy the diner's sweet tooth cravings with carrot cake, cinnamon bundt cake, or a sumptuous chocolate cake.

It’s also good not to restrict one’s thinking to main meals and specific desserts. Instant pots are great for making soups like pork pozole or vegetarian minestrone, breakfast items such as fruity cobbler oatmeal or blueberry pancake mix cake. If one is keen to test the abilities of the Instant Pot, it’s even possible to make items such as scones or other breads, delicious snacks such as pull-apart rolls or pizza bombs, and even flan.

With a bit of tweaking, one can make vegetarian dishes with ease, including a spinach and tomato pasta dish, the above-mentioned minestrone, carrot “bacon” chips, kimchi stew, Jamaican vegetable curry, and even a butter “chicken” with soy curls. It’s important to note that most of the high-pressure settings will overcook vegetables, so if crisp and al dente vegetarian dishes are desired, use the steam function as needed to release excess pressure.

Not only are there thousands of simple recipes on the official site, but customers have added their own variations and concepts to the wealth of the internet. The sky's the limit, even with the most basic version of the Instant Pot. Whether palates to be pleased are vegetarian, picky, or so broad that anything might be pleasing, there are simple, easy to follow recipes and interesting ideas available for perusal.