Subscription Boxes Offer Great Athletic Clothing

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There’s so many different occasions that people need specialized clothing. Work clothes, school clothes, cold weather clothes and dances all come to mind. But often underappreciated are the clothing we use when we exercise. Exercise clothing is often specialized because it needs to perform functionally. People need maximum mobility, and ideally need sweat to be wicked away from the body. This allows people to exercise in comfort and live healthier.

Finding the right exercise and athletic clothing can be a chore. Sizing can be off for athletic clothes, and often designs are just hideous. Subscription boxes offer a way for you to find the clothing that you’re looking to get. What’s better is that most boxes learn from your choices and are able to curate items that specifically fit your needs and hopes. Athletic subscription boxes also provide you with the other things you need to help your gym atmosphere. Many are filled with food, supplements and information to help you with your exercise regime. Another benefit people may not consider is that with additional exercise may come the need to replace exercise clothing into an entirely different size. In short, stay comfortable with stylish and well fitted exercise clothing.

1 - Gymcrate

Gymcrate is an athletic create that typically focuses on the supplement side of the gym more than it does the clothing side. Each month, different supplements are provided. wIthin each crate, there will typically also be a t shirt or other article of gym clothing. Magazines and gym related literature is common as well. This crate can be skipped or cancelled with no additional fees. At a cost of $30 per month, it’s quite reasonable.

2 - Yoga Club

Yoga club offers both athletic and what they call “athleisure” wear. While some feel it’s just clothing for yoga, the offerings within can also be used in other athletic endeavors as well. This box is designed specifically for women and starts around $80 per month. The items within can still be exchanged if something is amiss. In addition, discounts are available to monthly members on any additional purchase.

3 - Fabletics

Fabletics calls their subscription service a VIP service. Fabletics allows you to buy an entire outfit for your workout wardrobe. It costs $49 each month. However, if you’re not a fan of that month’s outfit, you can simply pass on that month and wait for the next one. You only get a few days to do this though. If you haven’t made your pick by the 5th of the month, you get charged the $49 dollars, but don’t receive the outfit. This money turns into store credit though. So as long as you enjoy the offerings available, it’s not the worst thing to miss a decision.

4 - Wantable

Wantable is a subscription service which can offer three different subscriptions. The two relevant to this article are the Women’s Fitness and Men’s Fitness options. The goal of each is to provide clothing that is comfortable for both lounging and for some time in the gym. Wantable charges a $20 initial fee which will be used towards purchases. They give you an app which lets you stream through items and show what you’re interested in, what styles you like or specific items you would want and can select. Costs vary based on what is chosen.

5 - Spandex Box

This crate is perfect for women who believe in yoga leggings. This box is simple and provides one pair of leggings each month. The good news is this brings costs down. Costs run around $24 per month and there are plenty of promo codes that allow subscribers to get their first month around half price. Like most subscriptions, this will automatically renew, so it’s good to keep an eye on your subscription.