Business Takes Advantage of Automated Call Services

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There are a lot of companies which rely on calling services for one aspect or another of their business. Whether they are an outbound call service that derives income from sales, or an inbound call service providing services and customer support, the phone is the key to their business. In order to maximize their business, many companies have turned to automated call services.

When people hear about automated call services, they think of robo dialers and calls being made to them during dinner before getting some annoying spam message. That’s not what automated calling services are about. Automated calling services are a tool to make business flow more smoothly.

What is an Automated Calling Service?

Automated calling services are all about automating the duties of the caller. Rather than taking extra time, they speed up the entire process. Normally, there are multiple jobs to perform before making a call. You need to look up the number, consult past information about the target and then determine exactly what needed to be discussed or potentially sold. An automated call service brings all of that information together.

When making an outbound call, a sales person has all of their information and leads at their fingertips. Furthermore, they will be able to only talk to live customers or proper answering services. The call is automatically made, then routed on an answer. This can mean that sales are more common because time isn’t wasted listening to ringtones or old school busy signals.

Automated calling services can also be used to deliver an automatic message to a specific list of people. People who use automated calling for scams and such quickly learn that won’t work right. Automated recorded calling works great for companies letting consumers know about a recall or things like schools warning about inclement weather closures.

Benefits of Using an Automated Calling Service

The simple fact is that businesses wouldn’t use an automated calling service if it didn’t provide benefits to the company. In the end, companies want to provide good services to their clients, while making plenty of money for themselves. Towards that end, benefits of using an automated calling service include:

  • Increased Sales - Sales rates almost always increase for outbound companies using an automated calling service. This is because salespeople have all of the information they need amalgamated at their fingertips.
  • Increased Productivity - Employees can spend more time working and less time waiting.  
  • Professional Atmosphere - Small businesses can take advantage and make their business seem more professional simply by having an automated service answer and direct their calls.
  • Customizable - Most automated calling services allow a great degree of flexibility and customization. This means that businesses get exactly what they are looking for out of a service.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Calling in to a customer service center can sometimes be a frustrating experience. Automated calling systems allow more calls to be processed, reducing wait time for customers.
  • Reports and Data - Automated systems help record everything that occurs. The styles of calls can be altered to improve performance based on data. This data driven style of business is crucial to improving performance.

Popular Services

It’s difficult to decide between the hundreds of different great automated calling services that are available these days. Most will provide customers with a good degree of customization and service. Picking between them is tricky at times. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • PureCloud
  • PhoneBurner
  • Sales Sling
  • Noble Enterprise
  • Five9 Cloud Contact Center

This is just the start of a huge number of programs available. Picking the right one simply involves some research. Most will also offer a live demo of their software and services so that companies can determine exactly what will be provided. Simply choose the software that matches the needs of your business and enjoy the benefits.