These Fashionable Subscription Boxes Keep You Looking Great

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Subscription box services are incredibly popular and many consumers are finding that it is the best way to try and buy everything from wine to plants. Fashion subscription box services are for people who are not interested in fashion but need to make an impression. They dislike shopping but need to look professional. They don’t have time to shop. They are for people who feel as if they have no fashion sense and want assistance. The final group who enjoy subscription boxes love fashion and want to stay on trend. Whatever the reason, there are a number of fashion subscription box services that will happily help consumers coordinate clothing and accessories that fit their style and budget.

1 - Bespoke Post

This box subscription service is for well-traveled, well-heeled men who love cocktails, adventure, and comfort. Featuring rustic themes like “Retreat” and “Speakeasy”, Bespoke Post has a wide range of categories and styles and members have exclusive access to limited-edition boxes. Members also enjoy discounts in the Shop, which has everything from clothing to travel accessories to outdoor clothing to gadgets. A questionnaire is provided to get a feel for the subscriber’s size, style, and preferences. Every month, a new box suggestion is curated and users are informed via email of what is coming. Subscribers have the option of switching, skipping, or customizing that month's box without a financial penalty. This service is free to join and costs $45 per month.

2 - Trunk Club

The Trunk Club is a personal stylist subscription service from Nordstrom for both men and women and it has a lot of impressive amenities for $25. After the prerequisite questionnaire to determine the size, style, and budget, members have unlimited access to a personal stylist in real-time by utilizing their chat or messenger service and subscribers can post images on shared Pinterest boards so that the stylist can better determine the best options for their client. The stylist’s choices are sent to members digitally for approval and once approved, a curated “Trunk” with 6-10 items arrives in 4-5 business days from Nordstrom associated brands. Clients have five days to decide what they want to purchase and/or return. The chosen selections are charged along with a $25 stylist fee which is waived for Nordstrom card holders and credited back at final purchase. The Trunk Club has six Clubhouses where clients can meet their stylist to try on clothes to take home on the same day and most Trunk purchases can be altered at any Nordstrom for free.

3 - Frank And Oak

Frank and Oak began as a webshop that offered on-trend but inexpensive menswear. Now, it has morphed into a magazine and a fashion subscription service that caters to both men and women. Along the way, they decided to become environmental warriors after realizing that the fashion industry is second only to the oil industry in regards to creating pollution. Frank and Oak decided to reduce their negative impact by increasing their sustainable fashion options and adopting more eco-friendly processes. They also have a “no commitment” approach that allows prospective members a free month to test out their service. Just like the previous services, a questionnaire is involved and members can preview upcoming offerings then approve, customize, or decline that month’s selections. Subscribers have seven days to decide what to keep. There is no monthly fee and there is a $25 styling fee only if you return everything from the box

4 - Le Tote

This box designs clothing plans for women based on their idea of capsules. Each month is designed to work together. You’re able to keep the items you get for as long as you want, then return them when you’ve had enough to get something else. If you really love the items, you can simply buy them at a discount. This means that you’re always wearing the latest fashions. 8 items costs $79 per month, and options range up to $119 for 15 items. If you’d prefer to supply your own accessories, then costs drop. If you truly love one box and choose to purchase every item in it, the following box will be free!

While there are a lot of fashion subscription services, they are not all alike. Look for services that offer a variety and easy to digest terms. All of the aforementioned services are high quality, size inclusive, and are interested in customer satisfaction and curating items tailored to the client and not just sending out random items and hoping something sticks.