A Wide Variety of Gaming Subscriptions Give Access To Hours of Enjoyment

banner of A Wide Variety of Gaming Subscriptions Give Access To Hours of Enjoyment

One of the best ways to enjoy video games is by subscribing to a gaming service. There are so many different subscriptions available, which makes it difficult for gamers to choose. Game subscriptions are an excellent option for gamers who wish to save time and money while experiencing a wider variety of games. There are many different subscriptions out there, such as Humble Monthly Bundle, Microsoft Game Pass, PlayStation Now, and Xbox Live Gold.

Many of the services also offer subscription boxes. If you're looking to try something new without committing to anything long-term, then this might be just what you need. There are subscription boxes like Loot Crate, Humble Bundle Monthly, Nerd Block Classic, and more which send out monthly packages full of exclusive gear such as collectible figurines, figures, and T-shirts every month. This article will discuss a wide variety of subscription services and give you a quick look at some of the best options out there!

1 - Humble Monthly Bundle

Humble Bundle is a gaming subscription service that offers various games, from Indie to AAA titles. They feature game bundles and monthly subscriptions. The Bundle also includes soundtracks, books, and other goodies that can be redeemed on Steam. This gaming service also includes a free subscription to Humble Monthly Bundle. You will be able to access many of the latest games available for download on Steam, and you'll also get an extra game if your purchase is over $15!

2 - PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is one way for gamers who have PlayStation consoles to access their favorite old-school PlayStation titles without having the console itself! This service is currently affordable, and they offer trials before you decide, so it's worth checking out first if this subscription will work for you! You can rent individual titles as well, which makes this service even more appealing because it means endless hours of entertainment are just at your fingertips!

3 - Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Live Gold is an awesome subscription service that will give you access to so much from online multiplayer gaming, free games each month, and TV content as well. With Xbox Live Gold, your entertainment options are virtually limitless! Xbox Live Gold is a great service and one that gamers love to recommend! It's affordable, gives hours of entertainment, and has tons of perks for members, too, which makes this the perfect gaming subscription service. If you're looking for something new, then Xbox Live Gold should be at the top of your list because there are few things better than playing with friends online when they've got their own console as well. The games with Gold section gives up to 4 free games every month that you get to keep as long as you have your X Box Live Gold membership. This can really add up. 

4 - Nintendo Switch Online

The Nintendo Switch has been a popular option for gamers, and this is the perfect way for players to get even more enjoyment out of their console because it offers features like cloud storage space for game saves (perfect if you don't have any spare SD cards!), exclusive deals with other titles and discounts too. The price might be steep, but there's no shortage of things subscribers can enjoy on top of all the cool features they already have access to just by owning a Nintendo Switch!

5 - Xbox Game Pass

This is one of the more popular options out there, which means members get access to more than 100 Xbox One and 360 games from original Xbox classics like Halo Reach through upcoming releases starting at just a fraction of their normal price. This is perfect for those who don't already have an Xbox console because they can start building their collection without spending a lot of money.

6 - GameFly

This service has been going strong for years, and with good reason- they have one of the best selections around. With GameFly, you can choose from over 600 video games to play on your PC or console (including PlayStation), and also include movie new releases that are still in theaters, so it's perfect for catching up before somebody spoils all the plot twists for you!