Specialty Clothes Are Best When They Come From Subscription Boxes

banner of Specialty Clothes Are Best When They Come From Subscription Boxes

Shopping for clothing can be a gigantic hassle. Having to try on dozens of items just to find one that properly fits seems like it’s not worth it. Add in the needs for fashion or comfort and it can be a disaster. Online shopping started to make things easier when it comes to finding great clothes.

Subscription boxes are one of the best ways to get articles of clothing online. These curated services always choose your size and taste. Each month, a specific type of clothing will be delivered straight to your door. While sometimes this is used for full outfits, some of the best boxes specialize. After all, when a company focuses on a single item, they often find a way to do it better than people who don’t specialize. The following subscription boxes are some of the best out there when it comes time to find the perfect high end item for you!

1 - Meundies

This is one of the most popular underwear providers on the internet. Their subscription service varies based on the size and style of underwear you choose, but is very simple. You get a single pair sent every month. In addition to those, you also get discounts on any additional purchases made at the meundies store. Meundies prides themselves on offering extra soft and comfortable underwear, rather than going for the extra alluring lingerie styles.

2 - Splendies

Splendies are another underwear subscription box. This subscription box is designed just for women’s underwear and sends three pairs each month. Since many women aren’t interested in people seeing what they are purchasing as underwear, splendies will be sure to send their items discreetly. The standard splendies subscription costs $14 per month and has free shipping within the United States. This runs from size S to XL. For larger sizes, the “Volupties” subscription offers from 1XL-3XL sizes and costs $17 each month.

3 - Basic Man

Rather than a purchase fashionable outfits in a subscription box, basic man instead helps you get “the basics”. This subscription box is very simple in that it provides a pair of socks, a pair of underwear and a t shirt for $20 each month. People can also choose prepaid plans and buy more than the basic amount if they enjoy the products they have received so far.

4 - Society Socks

Most companies just want to make money. Society socks takes their business model a bit farther. Signing up for a subscription will send two pairs of socks to your door each month. These are soft cotton socks with reinforced heels and toes for added durability. However, in addition to getting two pairs of socks each month, they will donate two pairs to homeless shelters across North America. You can wear some cool looking socks, while helping the less fortunate at the same time!

5 - Adore Me

Adore me is perfect for women who want to find some attractive lingerie. Adore Me states that size doesn’t matter and all women should feel attractive in their own skin. Items are available in a variety of sizes. Most subs can cost around $50 per month, though most people will get their first month at half price. Adore Me needs you to stay on top of what you are getting each month. Some people have complained about their subscription if you don’t pick out your items yourself.

6 - Booty Bag

Booty bay is a cheaper subscription services and only costs $13 per month. Each month you’ll receive a bag with a pair of underwear in whatever cut and style you prefer. You won’t be getting sent month after month of thongs if that’s not your thing! Monthly membership also comes with a large number of benefits. Discounts on additional purchases are included. Booty bag also provides a pair of underwear to women’s shelters for every pair that is purchased online! It’s a good way to give back.