A WiFi Extender Could Be the Answer to Bad WiFi

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A poor WiFi connection is one of the most frustrating things that one can experience. Imagine sitting comfortably on the couch to stream one of your favorite shows, then that dreadful circle appears on the screen, and the show starts to buffer for several minutes. Excessive connection issues may indicate internet problems. Having a reliable internet connection is paramount in today’s world, considering that a large part of everyday life relies on technology. The excellent news is that poor WiFi connection can be solved with a WiFi extender. It can be the perfect solution to avoid this frustration by transmitting WiFi to areas in a home or office with a poor connection. A WiFi extender has minimal interference because it can connect to the router and modem through an Ethernet cord or coaxial cable.

Reasons for Having Poor WiFi Connection in Certain Areas of a House

A couple of reasons can cause poor WiFi connection. This includes the location of the router, WiFi range, and the router’s age. Older routers are more likely to have weak WiFi signals because they are more susceptible to slow speeds, signal interference, and a lowered range. The WiFi range in a home or office can be affected by the router’s age, home size, and obstacles.

What is a WiFi Extender?

A WiFi extender extends the WiFi coverage to an area with a weak or unreliable signal in the house. It can either be wired or wireless. It operates by receiving the existing signal, amplifies it then transmits the boosted signal. With an extender, the WiFi network can be relayed to different floors, far corners of the home or office, and even the yard.

While a WiFi extender is an excellent solution to a lousy home network, some solutions can be tried first. The simplest one is moving the WiFi router to a more convenient location, preferably the house’s most central location. If that does not work or move the router is not practical, check if it requires an upgrade.

Finding the right location for the extender is of utmost importance. It needs to be near the router to get the signal but distant enough to rebroadcast the signal to the areas that require a better connection.

How Effective Are WiFi Extenders?

A WiFi extender helps to relay the connection to dead zones. The extender should be plugged into a power source halfway between the dead zone and the router for the best outcomes.

If its functionality is understood and the device is used well, it can benefit a home or office. Additionally, the WiFi extender specs need to match those of the router, and it may require configuration to connect to the WiFi.

The extender should cover the frequencies the user wishes to use. When the signals are incompatible, the WiFi extender will not offer extra coverage for devices beyond the frequency range. Extender installation for an office must be done carefully because the extended detectable WiFi range may go beyond the office walls. The number of extenders needed to give users a reliable connection increases with more interference sources.

Top WiFi Extender Models

  • WiFi extenders are available in various price ranges, sizes, and shapes. Before purchasing one, it pays to do a bit of research, including reading reviews for different products. Here are some models to consider: 
  • TP-Link RE650 AC2600 WiFi Range Extender  - This WiFi extender offers impeccable performance, an excellent interface, and a tablet/phone application. The long-range makes it convenient for large homes and offices, and it does not hurt that it delivers incredible speeds and power. 
  • Netgear AX1800 4-Stream Mesh Extender (EAX20) - It comes with WiFi 6 speeds, built-in and customization security, and mesh compatibility making it one of the best extenders in the market. Despite the price tag and large desktop, this device’s selling point lies in its impeccable performance.
  • Rock Space AC1200 WiFi Range Extender - This is an excellent option for individuals looking for a pocket-friendly but high-performing extender. Its reliable performance and simple setup make it a great device to transmit stronger signals to the garage and patio or cover dead spots.

Wireless technology advancements present countless possibilities for many people. However, users cannot get the most out of their devices without a robust and reliable connection, making WiFi extenders necessary.