Cleaning Your Home Becomes A Lot Easier With the Right House Cleaning Hacks

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Few people truly enjoy house cleaning. It takes up time, can wear a person out and the ability to enjoy the place once it has been cleaned diminishes in proportion to the number of other people you live with. While there is little that can be done about that last point, especially if someone has pets, there are actually several "hacks" that can be used to cut down on the time it takes to clean something and how much energy is really needed to perform that cleaning.

This article intends to feature several notable cleaning hacks so that its readers can get all of their cleaning done as swiftly and efficiently as possible. The logic goes that by giving people tricks to cleaning as soon as possible, those people will have more than enough time and energy left over that they can still pursue whatever things actually bring them joy in this world.

1 - Olive Oil Has Uses Outside of the Kitchen

While olive oil is a nutritious way of cooking food as well as one of the earliest mechanisms humans used for lubrication, it also has uses for cleaning. If there are some stainless steel surfaces that need some buffing, such as what you find in pots or appliances, any surface-level blemishes can be removed with the judicious application of applying olive oil to a soft cloth and rubbing the oily cloth over those surfaces in small circular motions.

2 - Fruit Can Cleanse a Garbage Disposal

For people who make regular use of a garbage disposal, there is a noticeable funk that can soon become evident. One of the easiest ways of getting rid of this unpleasant smell can be achieved with nothing more than a knife and either a lime or lemon. To make a simple task of cleaning and de-stinking a garbage disposal, use the knife to quarter a single unit of whichever citrus fruit is handy. While the water is left running down the sink and disposal, the next step is to place each quarter of citrus fruit down the drain, one piece after the next. Once all the pieces are in place, they can be left to sit and purify the disposal until its services are once again needed.

3 - Vodka Can Cleanse a Carpet

One simple solution for a stained carpet that will likely exceed any store-bought approach can be found on the booze shelf. To purge a carpet of an unsightly stain, a person should only need to blot the stain and then pour some clear alcohol over the same spot. While vodka is perfectly viable, rubbing alcohol and white wine are just as viable options; the white wine has an added benefit in that it may even mask any unpleasant odor of the stain with its own bouquet.

4 - Shaving Cream Also Wipes Up Water Stains

Water stains are an ugly little thing that can sometimes appear on shower glass. Fortunately, the various chemicals that go into a can of shaving cream can also be put to work purifying glass. To purge unsightly staining on a glass, simply apply the shaving cream to the area, wait for 15 minutes and then wipe the cream off. Note that this cleaning hack is one of those instances where shaving gel, while just as useful for lubricating skin and collecting stray hairs as shaving cream, will not be a suitable replacement.

5 - That Old Volcano Science Fair Project Can Also Clean Bathrooms

The baking soda volcano is one of the most well-known projects kids have made for science fairs. For the uninformed, this experiment is achieved by adding vinegar to baking soda, resulting in an "eruption." Well it just so happens that these two common substances are also a powerhouse for cleaning tubs and toilets. Simply combine one cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda into hot water and pour the mixture into an empty bathtub or toilet bowl. With bathtubs, allow the mixture to settle for five minutes. Start filling it with hot water to 25% capacity and wait another five minutes. Release the drain and give a thorough rinse. With a toilet, leave the mixture on for 10 minutes, then flush.