A Robotic Lawn Mower Means More Hammock Time and Less Chores

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Robotic mowers are designed to perform their task without human control and supervision. A rechargeable battery has been incorporated to make mowing more effective. Also, they are programmed to work according to different lawn conditions. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly, unlike traditional mowers, which emit any harmful gases. They are effective in execution and embrace minimal energy. Thus, it saves a lot of time and is quite effective. Also, robotic mowers are pocket-friendly, and they require very little maintenance and no oil changes. They have a cutting-edge mechanism that shatters the fine and small clippings back to the yard.

They also positively impact the soil by adding nutrients when the debris decomposes, making the yard fertile. Robotic mowers are also easier and safer to use. They have smaller blades that are fully enclosed and automated to turn off when raised to prevent injuries.

Is your lawn suited to a robotic lawn mower?

Factors that evaluate the suitability of a robotic mower are given below:

  • Lot Size - It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the size of ground that the mower will cover. This excludes areas such as the pool area, house area, and flower beds. The amount of area to be mowed will contribute to choosing the model to be used.
  • The Slope of the Yard - A flat yard is perfectly suitable for a robotic lawnmower. It is difficult for the mower to work on slopes and areas with high gradients. Although some robotic mowers are designed to overcome these obstacles, they will not perform an impeccable job.
  • Size of Grass - Small and medium-sized grass provide a smooth ride to the robotic mowers. Areas having tall grass will require more time. You are advised to cut the tall grass to the desired height before using the robotic mower to improve efficiency.
  • Obstacles - These include pets, ornaments, chairs, and pathways. Robotic mowers have sensors that detect these obstacles. Most mowers halt upon detecting such obstacles. However, it is recommended to move objects that can be moved to improve productivity. Passageways can be introduced between yards that have been detached by pathways.

Best robotic lawn mower models

The following list shows off some of the best robotic lawn mowers on the market: 

  • Robomow RS612 Battery-Powered Lawn Mower - It is suitable for different weather conditions, including rainy conditions. A smooth cut ensures exemplary performances. It is super quiet and has a special auto-schedule mode feature, which prolongs the battery life. It also offers a smartphone application to control the mower. The model is suitable for cutting tall grass.
  • Husqvarna Automower 315 Robotic Lawn Mower - The model is suitable for small lot sizes. It experiences concerns with borderlines but accomplishes the tasks assigned. It works while producing low noise and has a PIN code feature to start the unit and curb theft. Also, it features a smart-edge cutting technology that is an innovative solution for perfect lawn trimming.
  • Gardena 4069 R80Li -This model has long lasting lithium batteries. It recharges automatically when the battery gets lot. It is eco-friendly since it does not emit dangerous gases. Despite adverse weather conditions, the model will still provide outstanding results. It also contains an anti-theft system as a security feature.

The invention of robotic lawnmowers has been a great boost to mowing efficiency, and its usage should be much encouraged. They are responsible for completing mowing tasks with ease and hence saving time. Additionally, they are present in various models providing a wide scope to choose from. Homeowners can always choose a robotic lawnmower that suits their needs perfectly.