Automating Your Sprinkler System Makes it Easy

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In order to keep a lawn looking beautiful, it is important to water it regularly. Many homeowners, however, believe that the best way to do it is the way they saw grandpa use the sprinkler growing up. Maybe grandfather did the best he could with what he had, but today, there are more cost-efficient and time-saving ways to water a lawn while, making sure it looks as lush and green as it can be. In fact, There are many good reasons to automate your sprinkler system

Installing an automated system ensures that your lawn is getting watered evenly. Just the right amount of water when it’s needed, is necessary to ensure that the lawn is not brown or dry in some areas, while green and healthy-looking in others. An automated sprinkler system is even more important for watering much larger grounds. It keeps a lawn and the surrounding areas well-irrigated with the right sprinkler installation. Here are some additional reasons why a switch to an automated sprinkler system is a good decision:

Benefits of Using an Automated Sprinkler

An automated sprinkler system can save homeowners a great deal of money over the long haul, because it wastes less water. Evenly irrigating a lawn with a smaller scale sprinkler from a hardware store, is going to cost more because the sprinkler cannot reach all areas, nor can it cover those areas uniformly. Besides, when trying to water a lawn with a hose or standard sprinkler, one may end up over-watering certain sections of the lawn. An automated sprinkler system is placed strategically throughout the yard and timed to evenly reach all areas, which saves water and money.

Watering regularly, at a certain time of day is ideal, but it may be tough to remember, or to be at home at the right moment, to get it done. An automated system allows homeowners to automate the job so that the lawn is getting watered at the same time of day, every day. It is so convenient that homeowners can go on vacation without having to worry about whether the neighbor or a relative remembered to turn on the sprinkler.

A well-manicured lawn is a beautiful sight for anyone looking to buy a home. Today's home seekers are looking for convenient amenities like automated sprinkler/irrigation systems that will save them time and money for maintaining their lawns. They most likely do not want to expend untold hours watering their homes with standard sprinklers or hoses, especially if the other houses on the street also have automated systems. Most people seeking to buy homes today, lead very busy lives. They are looking for convenience and an automated sprinkler system provides that in abundance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:If it rains a lot in our area, do I really need a sprinkler system?

A: If it rains every 2-3 days throughout the entire year, then no, you would not need a sprinkler system. That, however, is not characteristic of nature. There will be dry periods even in areas that get rain. It is the even distribution of water that ensures a yard that is lush and healthy, not periods of saturation, followed by periods of little to no rain.

Q: How much will a good automated sprinkler system cost?

A: The price of your automated system depends upon many factors such as yard/property size, specific features, and special designs. A deluxe system can include soil moisture sensors and devices that automatically shut the system off if it rains.

Q: What are the basic components of an automated system?

A: There are three main parts to an automated system. First is the controller, which turns the sprinklers on and off. Next are the valves, which release and stop the water as it flows underground. Finally are the actual sprinklers, which distribute the water.

Q: When is the best time to water my lawn?

A: Scientifically, the most efficient time to water your lawn, is right before sunrise. This is because plants begin transpiring (pulling water from the soil) just as the sun's rays start to shine. The water supply is ample so the plants are not dehydrated. Yet, the sun keeps the plants from being over saturated. Evening watering can result in lawns becoming crowded with slugs, snails, and worms.