A Generator Can Be a Vital Item For Any Home

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Generators have a variety of uses that make them a fantastic investment for the home. Those who live in areas at high risk of power outages can find comfort in knowing they have an alternative electrical source that can keep food from going bad and loved ones from getting too cold in the winter. Purchasing a generator is a great way to prepare the family for an uncertain future where they have everything they need to keep living as normal.

There are several types of generators that can be used for homes as a backup energy source. Shoppers can find diesel, gasoline, natural gas, solar, standby, inverter and portable generators. Some generators can be moved out of storage when they need to be used while others will be installed on the property for a seamless transition between the regular electricity supply and the generator. With so many options available on the market, shoppers are sure to find a generator that fits their needs and budget.

1 - WEN 56200i Portable Generator

This generator is gas-powered and lightweight, utilizing inverter technology to produce clean power. This generator is perfect for power outages at home or camping out in the woods during a trip. It has several different plugs for a variety of devices including a USB port. There is an eco-setting that changes fuel consumption depending on how the generator is being used for improved fuel efficiency. This generator is a great choice for shoppers who are looking for a beginner's generator that has a number of uses and is easily portable.

2 - Briggs and Stratton Portable Generator

This generator weighs very little and can run for up to eight hours on only one gallon of gas. It comes with an inverter and a two-year warranty to ensure the shopper is entirely satisfied with its capabilities. This generator has optimum efficiency when connected with a parallel cable to a second generator, which can give a home enough power during a power outage to fuel all necessary appliances. This generator has a low noise level and is great for home use or when using an RV during camping. Portable generators are able to be easily carried wherever they're needed.

3 - Nature's Generator Gold System

Shoppers looking for environmentally friendly options won't want to miss out on this generator. This unit can be powered using wind or solar power if the turbine port is purchased separately. This generator comes with a solar panel that captures the energy before moving it to the battery that holds it until it's converted into usable energy. There are a variety of outlets and USB ports for every type of device as well as a display that lets the user know all of the pertinent generator details. This generator lets out no noise and requires no outside fuels. Those with sensitive neighbors or loved ones will be thrilled to use this sustainable generator that can power many devices and appliances.

4 - ACOPOWER 150Wh Portable Generator

Compared to the other generators included here, this is a smaller option for those looking for quick and easy energy for small devices. This generator can be powered with solar energy, an AC adaptor plugged in at home or a car adapter for easy use while traveling. Shoppers can easily carry this three-pound generator wherever they need it and charge it in three convenient ways. It is controlled by an LED display and can generate 100 watts. It may be beneficial to purchase and charge several of these generators so they can easily be used by multiple family members during an emergency.

5 - Sportsman 4,000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

For those who want a powerful generator at a great price, this is an excellent option that can be fueled by both gas and propane. This generator has a host of safety features to keep users safe, including a shut-off when there's low oil, a spark arrestor, a switch for the engine and more. The home can be easily powered with this machine that can produce up to 4000 watts when using propane. This brand is reliable and creates excellent generators that can efficiently power the home in any loss of power emergency.