Cleaning Up After Your Cat is Getting Easier

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Cleaning a traditional litter box can be a messy, stinky task especially if there’s more than one cat in the household. A cat goes into the box and leaves a mess behind that its owner must clean up and dispose of once every few days. Once the mess is in the trash can outside, it still has a nasty odor that can stick around for days. Not surprisingly, lots of cat owners would like to avoid this task each week. An automatic litter box cleaner can make cleaning up after a cat or cats a lot easier. The design of this cat litter box gives an owner freedom from dealing with their cat’s waste while allowing their pet to live indoors in comfort. Discover more about an automatic litter box cleaner and why it’s such a useful product for any cat owner who wants to decrease the mess.

What is an Automatic Litter Box Cleaner?

An automatic litter box cleaner looks like a traditional litter box with a couple extra features that make all the difference. There is a narrow hood on one end of this litter box that houses a container and small metal rake. After a cat is done using the box, the rake automatically travels the length of the box to push the waste into the container hidden beneath the hood. So, the clean-up is done right away, and the waste is hidden. The cat owner must change the litter tray in the box once per month. An automatic litter box cleaner is easy to wash with warm water and soap, so it stays looking its best. This can be done every couple months. Automatic litter box cleaners are available in the open design of a traditional litter box or in an enclosed design with a cover over top it so a cat can go in to do its business in privacy.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Litter Box Cleaner

There are many benefits to using an automatic litter box cleaner with your furry feline. These include:

  • A cat owner can avoid manually picking up a cat’s waste with a scoop.
  • Avoid using plastic bags to dispose of cat waste
  • Avoid purchasing a special scoop to pick up cat waste
  • A cat’s waste is hidden so anyone looking into the box will only see clean cat litter. This allows more freedom as to the location of the cat’s litter box.
  • Owners can take the task of cleaning the cat litter box off their weekly to-do list!
  • The odor of the cat litter box is reduced because the waste is immediately stored away in a container at one edge of the box.
  • Save money on the amount of cat litter purchased. This box only needs a change of litter about once a month.
  • This litter box can clean up after multiple cats have used it.
  • This litter box is durable and will last a long time in a household.
  • Leave town on a short trip without worrying about the cleanliness of the litter box

Most Popular Brands

There are many options to choose from. This type of litter box was once one of the prime “trinket” items purchased from skymall. Now, they are common and available at many retailers. Some of the common choices are:

  1. PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box - This automatic litter box cleaner comes with a special, dust-free, crystalized litter that helps with odor control. It has two colors available for the small hood on the box as well as a disposable tray to make cleanup even quicker.
  2. Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Cat Litter Box - The waste container on this litter box has a carbon filter that reduces odor. The rake that cleans the box is quiet so as not to scare a household’s cats. The hood on the box is a pleasing bright green.
  3. Nature’s Miracle Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box - This box is extra-large to accommodate cats weighing 15 lbs. or more. A carbon filter in its design keeps this box odor free. Also, the walls of the box are high so no waste moves to the outside. As an extra feature, there is a nightlight in its design so cats can easily use the box even if it’s dark in the house. Plus, owners can see the litter box even during the night so it's not in danger of being knocked over.