A Beautiful Bridal Hairstyle Only Adds To A Wonderful Wedding

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Planning a wedding is both an exciting and stressful undertaking. Every detail requires the utmost care and attention. After all, it’s those details that bring it all together to make that special day a perfect, romantic, and memorable celebration of true love.

No one knows more than the bride how important all aspects of her wedding are. She is the one that takes great care in ensuring that every element of her big day will create treasured memories. The bride’s lovely locks are just as much of an important detail and thus deserve the same level of attention. Whether she is a traditional goddess driven by family values, a whimsical fairytale princess, or a dreamy garden beauty ready to indulge in lifelong intimacy and romance, she needs a day that will speak to her ultimate wedding dreams. To help make one decision easier, here is a list of the most beautiful, trending bridal hairstyles.

1 - The Classic Chignon

This timeless updo is perfect for an elegant wedding that prioritizes chic sophistication. The word “chignon” directly translates to “hair bun,” but it is so much more than the lazy, “keep hair out of face” hairstyle. The classic chignon is achieved by tucking and pinning hair low at the base of the neck. There are countless variations of this French-inspired do, but the objective is always the same — create an effortless and sophisticated look. The chignon creates a breathtaking silhouette that works perfectly with a form fitting, sleek, streamlined dress with minimal embellishments. The classic chignon draws the eye to the feminine outline of a woman’s neck and shoulders. This look is equally sexy, polished, and perfect for a sophisticated wedding.

2 - The Traditional Half Up, Half Down

The traditional wedding focuses on love, unity, and family values. These weddings are a warm and inviting celebration of the union of two families. Similarly, the half up, half down do is a welcoming and relaxed style that speaks to the bride’s sweet nature. This look is achieved by pulling only the top half of the hair back away from the face and allowing the remaining locks to fall loose and naturally. Drawing the top half of the hair away from the face has the added bonus of showing off the bride’s cheekbones. This look pairs beautifully with a traditional gown featuring a sweetheart neckline and cascading lace train.

3 - The Whimsical Fishtail Braid

The perfect fairytale wedding is embellished with fragrant flowers and sweet romance. A magical wedding calls for the whimsical fishtail braid. This intricate braid is best for long locks that flow down the back. The fishtail braid is achieved by interweaving strands of hair from opposite sides of the head. This technique is started at the crown of the head and ends at any point along the hair length. Flowers or glittering rhinestones can be added for a touch of charm. The resulting look is a stunning and ornate style that perfectly compliments a beautiful gown of layered tulle that only a princess would wear.

4 - The Dreamy Loose Locks

Whether it’s a barefoot wedding on the beach or an intimate gathering at a botanical garden, dreamy loose locks are perfect for the occasion. This touchable, soft do can be achieved with sleek, straight strands, flowing waves, or spiraling curls. Loose locks are carefree and natural. This look works best in dreamy outdoor weddings where light breezes are guaranteed to play with the bride’s flowing strands. This breathtaking down-do attractively complements a luxuriously embroidered mermaid tail gown or a lace, off-the-shoulder wedding dress.