Jeep Manages to Mix Fun and Dependability in 2019

banner of Jeep Manages to Mix Fun and Dependability in 2019

Jeep is one of the most distinctive brands in the world. They know what they are good at and don’t often stray from their tried and try method. Some of the most popular and iconic SUVs and crossovers of all time proudly wear the Jeep badge. A Jeep provides more than just a commuter vehicle. If you’re driving a Jeep, you can explore the less traveled parts of the world too! 

The legendary Jeep off roading capabilities remain in 2019. The model line up features a wide range of SUVs and crossovers from the compact Renegade to the flagship Grand Cherokee. If you want comfort and power, Jeep models typically provide exactly what you need. What follows is a brief roundup of the Jeep model line. Trim levels and options can change the data provided, but it’s a starting point for potential Jeep buyers. 

Jeep Cherokee

Specifications: $26,000+ - ~25 mpg - 270 hp

Review: While many company crossovers have abandoned their offroad roots, the Cherokee continues to be a vehicle that knows it’s history. The Cherokee offers an incredible ride while on the backtrails. However, unlike many vehicles that excel off the road, the Cherokee is also incredible comfortable when it’s on the highways. The ride is smooth and it floats comfortably without feeling disconnected from the road. If there’s a downside, it’s that fuel economy isn’t particularly impressive. Also, the cabin is a bit smaller than that of direct competitors in some fashion. While a touch smaller, it does look good with tasteful interior touches and materials. 

Jeep Compass

Specifications: $23,500+ - ~29 mpg - 180 hp

Review: Jeep often doesn’t mind if it’s vehicles come close to competing with each other. The Compass is very slightly bigger than the Renegade and slightly smaller than the Cherokee. The Compass is one of the most modern offerings that Jeep has. The interior is full of safety technology like adaptive cruise control and some automated emergency braking. The design is also wonderfully modern and takes a lot of styling cues from the impressive Grand Cherokee. Unfortunately, the brakes are a bit mushy, while the transmission is poor. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Specifications: $28,500+ - ~25 mpg - 295 hp

Review: The Grand Cherokee is the flagship of the Jeep model line and for good reason. If you get the right trim level, then Jeep has made every possible option and luxury available. The Limited and Trailhawk versions are particularly popular. The multiple Grand Cherokee options mean that there’s a vehicle for everyone. It features automated emergency brakes, adaptive cruise control and every other safety feature you could want. The engines get progressively more powerful with each trim level. The downside is fuel economy can go right out the window once horsepower rises over 400. 

Jeep Renegade

Specifications: $23,500+ - ~30 mpg - 180 hp

Review: The Renegade is arguably the best option for people who are looking for a bargain priced Jeep. The front end features the Jeep grille, but everything else is a unique and impressively designed SUV. Fuel economy is better than many of the other Jeep offerings. It’s a comfortable ride both on and off road. If there’s a downside to things, it’s that the Renegade lacks pep. But if you’re not someone who needs to burn people from a red light, then the Renegade can provide everything you need. 

Jeep Wrangler

Specifications: $29,500+ - ~24 mpg - 285 hp

Review: The Wrangler is quite simply, the first thought someone has when they think of Jeep. It’s one of the most distinctively designed vehicles of all time. The Wrangler continues to get updates, modernizing a look that is truly classic. The Wrangler comes in 2 door as well as 4 door models. It also comes with a removable roof option for people who want to feel the sun on their faces as they drive. The Wrangler still has the distinctive upright driving position that it’s always used. However, unlike the older interior, the remainder is modernized and comfortable. The engine provides plenty of pep. 

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