Smart Buys to Upgrade Your Ride

Purchasing a vehicle is one of the largest investments that can be made in the lifetime of an average consumer. Finding the perfect vehicle with the most cutting-edge add-ons can also be a challenge with the rate that technology evolves. Also, trading in a vehicle for the sake of upgrades is not always a feasible option for many. Luckily, a brand-new car isn’t necessary to get the latest upgrades. Whether it be new mirrors, newly-released auto accessories or even something as simple as tire pressure tool. Many of these add-ons can easily make driving safer, easier and more enjoyable, and best of all are available for purchase and compatible with most vehicles.

Emergency and Safety Add-Ons

Purchases made for accident prevention and emergency use may not be as brag-worthy as other auto accessories but are valuable nonetheless. While some might not want to imagine Even the most state-of-the-art vehicle can benefit from having these handy tools –

  • Emergency escape tool – a multipurpose tool can help drivers and passengers escape a vehicle in the event of an accident. Attachments such as a seatbelt cutter and glass window- cutter combos are can be compact enough to hang from a keychain, while there are larger ones available with flashlights, whistles and other add-ons.
  • Portable jump-starter – reviving a dead car battery can be quite the task, especially when there is no auto service or good samaritan nearby to give it a jump.
  • Monitoring system for tires – a system that attaches each tire and can monitor stats such as tire pressure and temperature which can affect gas mileage and a driver’s control of the vehicle.

Enhanced Visibility

While technology can be recreational, it can also make driving safer. For instance, consider these innovations that improve visibility around a vehicle.

  • Back-up camera – enhances the view of the rear bumper when pulling out of a driveway or parking space and can dramatically decrease the potential for accidents.
  • Mobileye 560 – gives drivers the ability to better monitor immediate speed limits, pedestrians, potential accidents along a route, vehicle distance as well as other capabilities.
  • Mirrors – upgraded versions can better guide drivers pulling out of a parking spaces, backing up, or changing lanes.

Preventative and Convenient

Many accessories make it possible to avoid potentially pricey mishaps from occurring. From simple inserts to technological aids, there are several options that can help provide peace of mind.

  • Dash cam – cameras mounted on the dashboard for documenting scenic drives or even to help clear up misunderstandings in traffic accidents.
  • Smart car adapter – for cars built after 1996, the Smart car adapter can easily plug in to provide valuable information about a vehicle including mileage, diagnostics and history. Some can even connect to Amazon Echo with some voice-activated capabilities.
  • GPS tracker – allows car owners to locate their vehicles quickly and efficiently. This can come in handy, for example, when locating a vehicle in a large, crowded parking lot, monitoring its whereabouts when being used by somebody else, or locating it if it were stolen.
  • Drop stop – a simple insert placed in the space between the seat and the door. It can prevent items from falling sliding in between that crevice and possibly falling out of the vehicle when the door opens.
  • Radar detector –useful device for drivers wanting to know when their speeds are being monitored. Alerts from radar detectors can remind drivers to slow down and drive safely which can help avoid dangerous driving conditions or hefty fines.

For the Tech Savvy

Handheld devices are popular, evolving and here to stay. It is estimated that the average user has multiple devices at a given time. While devices are not encouraged to be used while on the move, they have very much become integrated even inside vehicles. Luckily, there are many auto accessories that make them more accessible and safer to use.

  • Smartphone mount – can help drivers be more hands-free so that they can keep both hands on the wheel while having easy access to their phones.
  • Bluetooth car kit– enables gadgets to connect to a car which can make it convenient and safer since it can be used virtually hands-free for listening to music and taking calls while steering and checking mirrors.
  • USB car charger – a plug-in that allows USB cords to plug into and charge from a vehicle while on.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot – perfect solution for drivers and passengers who would like to use a variety of devices that require an internet connection.

Between daily commutes, errands, social functions and road trips, people spend a lot of time in their vehicles. While a simple car to get drivers from point A to B may be enough for some, others may enjoy the convenience, recreation, increased safety and peace of mind that items such as simple mirrors, electronic gadgets and auto accessories provide. Thanks to these specialty products available online or in-store, vehicles can be easily upgraded to a driver’s preferences and specifications.