Your Car Can Make Getting to a Great Hike Easy

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Hiking can be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing hobbies out there. Hiking can be done by almost anyone with only moderate investment. Hiking can provide a wonderful alternative to city living. Getting into the great outdoors can provide serious stress relief. In addition to stress relief, hiking can be a great form of exercise and help people stay fit! 

Your car can be the perfect thing to get you to go hiking. Going hiking properly and safely needs a specific set of equipment. If you want to do it right, you should know exactly what kind of equipment you need. There are a variety of items you can get for your vehicle that can enhance your hiking experience. 

Typical Hiking Equipment

The perfect hike is made better with the appropriate gear. Hiking equipment needs to make a person feel comfortable as they move around, while protecting them from potentially sustaining injury. Hiking equipment will also help ensure that a person has the best possible chance of surviving in case of injury or getting lost in the wilderness. Some of the most important piece of hiking equipment include: 

  • Backpacks - A comfortable backpack will be crucial. It will be the key to holding almost all other equipment that will need to be brought along. 
  • Footwear - There are a variety of different hiking shoe and boot options. Typically there’s around four different types which vary on how flexible they are, how much protection they provide to the sole of the foot and how waterproof they are. Light hikes can use a flexible hiking shoe, whereas more intense ones can require heavy hiking boots that are water resistant and provide structured ankle support. 
  • Food and Water - It’s always important to bring more than enough food and water than will be expected. While hiking injuries are rare, it’s possible to twist an ankle or injure oneself in a way that will slow down the return to your car or starting point. A little extra food and water will ensure you're prepared in a survival situation. 
  • Navigation and Communication - While having a phone along is helpful if there’s service, an old school map of the region as well as a compass can be crucial for more remote areas. A GPS device or sat phone provide extra protection in dangerous or really remote areas.
  • Extras - It’s often smart to bring a knife or multi tool along. Clothing should be temperature appropriate. Also, additional clothing should be brought along in case there are any swings in temperature that are unexpected. 

Car Accessories for Hiking

When it comes to outfitting your vehicle for hiking, the first place to start is finding a cooler. You can keep extra food and water in the cooler for after the hike or to keep it cool beforehand. A lot of coolers don’t fit well in a vehicle, so it makes sense to try and find one that fits your specific storage space. 

Many people do more than just hike during their trips out of the city. A trailer or trailer hitch can allow for carrying large amounts of things. A roof rack can also be useful. These are especially good for people who like to do things like kayak or canoe and need to bring along these long watercraft. Bike racks for the rear of the vehicle are also an excellent choice. These can usually hold 2 mountain bikes and allow you to break out the bike when you’re tired of using your own two feet.