A Motorhome Allows for Great Explorations and Travel

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Are you a camper or a roamer? Are you looking for adventure? Then it's time to try the motorhome, a vehicle that gives you the freedom to travel around choosing where, and when to park. Motorhomes are designed to offer you comfort like sleeping quarters, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. You get to enjoy all these as you are on the move! Motorhomes have been around since 1910 when the famous Pierce-Arrow motor company launched the Touring Landau model at the Madison Square Garden vehicle show. The company’s vehicle was unique as it was designed to cater to a camper. The Touring model had a toilet inside and a compartment for keeping camping gear. By 1920, many car manufacturers started to convert buses and panel trucks to cater to campers. Raymond Frank designed a motorhome for his own family to use for vacations. He is known for coming up with the name "Motorhome." Current models have inbuilt state-of-art designs to ensure you get the best experience.

Best Motorhome Features

Newer models have ditched the old dinette style for free-standing furniture making it more spacious and flexible. The latest models have mini office space; hence you can work while on the move. Many manufacturers are opting for more oversize windows to make the view better. The living room has large windows, while the bathroom and hallway have skylights. The television mounts can swivel, enabling many people to view comfortably from many angles.

The kitchen of more recent models has counter expansion features giving more storage space. An ideal kitchen shelf has a rack for keeping all the storage jars. It is recommended to install an inbuilt microwave in the kitchen. Choose a bed that makes it easy to change sheets and easy to get off the bed. Doors are a sign of privacy. Opt for having doors installed in the bathroom and bedroom. A closet is ideal for organizing your stuff. A mirror is another feature that brightens the room and makes it appear more spacious.

Great Motorhome Trips

There are a lot of great trips you can take in the United States with the power of a motorhome behind you. Some of the most exciting include: 

Blue Ridge Parkway - This is a famous driving route that stretches through over 500 miles of the Appalachian Mountains. The terrain is manageable, and at times in summer, the traffic can be big, but the beautiful view is worth all the trouble.

  • Big Sur Coastal Highway - For ocean lovers, this is a terrific route. Being along California's central coast, the trail gives you the chance to stop on the scenic towns in Southern and Northern California.
  • Columbia River Highway - This is the perfect motorhome road trip in the Pacific Northwest region. It starts near Portland and stretches along the Columbia River Gorge. Along the route are rocky waterfalls and very dense forests.
  • Route 66 - This country road stretches from Illinois to Southern California. It is one of the longest routes, and therefore you must plan adequately in advance.
  • Historic New England - This route gives you a chance to see historical views and get natural wonders experience. While on the course, consider passing through Quebec and a taste of the culinary scene and the ancient architecture.

Great Motorhome Models

There are many motorhomes models tailored to cater to your style, price, and travel needs. The oldest is the Airstream Nest, with over 89 years in the market. It has always had aluminum trailers, but the latest model is made of fiberglass. The model has a minimalist interior brightened by the windows from all sides. It is installed with Bluetooth-controlled lighting, a 3D laminated kitchen top, and several USB ports. It comes with solar panels and does not require a vast tow car.

The Winnebago Horizon is a modern motorhome with LED tube lighting and a powered fireplace. Its design has a padded laminated floor made of vinyl. It possesses a vintage English drawing room and this century's Danish living space. A diesel engine powers it. It is costly, but its large size is worth your money.

The Hutte Hut model combines aluminum chassis, plywood flooring, and a canvas that naturally diffuses light. The famous jewel box on wheels has a spacious kitchen and an inbuilt refrigerator. The creative craftsmanship makes it an easy target for thieves if left unmanned in the campsites.