5 Reasons to Invest in the Best Muffler

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Keeping your car in top shape is all part of owning a vehicle. Everyone knows of the usual parts – engine, tires, headlights and taillights – but the less thought about parts are also essential to helping your vehicle run smoothly and efficiently. Here are five reasons why you should invest in a good muffler to keep your vehicle’s engine running better and to get more mileage.

1 - Less Noise

One of the first things you’ll notice when you replace your old muffler with a better, high-quality one is that it is whisper-quiet instead of the thunder rumble that you can hear coming down the street. Settling for low quality or cheaper parts often means you sacrifice something. In this case, it’s noise.

2 - More Mileage

It’s not often that you think of mufflers as a source for better fuel economy. Yet, over time that’s exactly what a good one can do for your vehicle. The better the muffler, the less fuel your vehicle spends to keep all systems working properly. In that way, a better than average one can increase your fuel efficiency and help save you gas in the long run. And that is a wonderful result

3 - A Better Exhaust System

While the exhaust system is usually only considered when you take your car for a smog check, it is essential to the overall performance of your vehicle. A superior muffler can take your exhaust system from average to exceptional and help with things like gas mileage, engine performance, and sound quality. This is because it works to control and lessen gas emissions that come from the vehicle. With one that is made of high-grade materials and built for durability, you can rest assured knowing your exhaust system is performing at top capacity.

4 - Superior Engine Performance

You may not be able to suddenly transform your minivan into a racecar found at the NASCAR racetracks, but you sure can improve the engine performance with a better muffler. That being said, your vehicle will perform better due to a better exhaust system. Think of your vehicle as a clock – every part is a cog that works together to drive. If even one cog becomes stuck, broken or rusted, the whole clock doesn’t perform as well. With a better exhaust system, your engine runs smoother and more efficiently, turning your minivan into more of a powerhouse than it was before

5 - More Bang for Your Buck

As with all things, you get what you pay for. That is no less true for car parts. The price of a less expensive muffler may be enticing, but as with most subpar products it won’t function as well. Soon after installation, your car may spurt and stutter, or make funny noises. When you install a quality one, the overall performance of your vehicle improves. It just goes to show that you really do get more when you pay more.

So you see, a good muffler actually does quite a lot for your vehicle. Not only does it help with engine performance and mileage, it also improves your overall exhaust system and enables your vehicle to run efficiently. Installing a high-quality muffler can go a long way to enhanced operations in your vehicle and is definitely something to splurge on.