The Right Accessories Take Your Camera to the Next Level

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The visual content world is one of the leading forms of content creation at the moment. Look around, from music videos, comedy vines, Instagram or Pinterest posts, and vlogging, all these content creations take the form of beautiful imagery in photographs or videos. Therefore, for people looking to get into photography or video content, having a quality camera and ironing up their skillset is vital to them standing out.

However, the key to excellent camera work lies in the camera's quality and the tools of trade complementing the camera. Camera accessories play a crucial part in fine-tuning the camera to work effectively. The supplements may also assist in the protection of a camera and its data.

Price and functionality are the key factors in deciding what camera accessories to purchase. Therefore, we compiled a list of must-have camera accessories. Here are the essential camera accessories photographers may use to take their camera to another level.

1 - Tripods

When creating long exposure shots, photographing in the nighttime or low light, taking time lapses, stability, and pinpoint accuracy is what will define a good photograph from a badly taken one. Tripods function as a stand and support system for a camera to stay stable in one position. Tripods ensure photographers maintain focus with no chance of trembling or shaking. Thus, purchasing a tripod is essential for photography enthusiasts interested in photographing self-portraits, the landscape, or macro photography. A tripod is relatively affordable, with budget-friendly carbon-fiber options and durable options from leading brands including Manfrotto, Vanguard, and Dolica.

2 - Backup or Extended Life Batteries

Battery life is a crucial determiner of how long photography sessions will be. Due to the varying influences that may affect a camera's battery life, acquiring an extra battery or two certainly guarantees one to shoot for more extended periods.

3 - Prime Lens

When purchasing a camera, it generally comes with a typical standard lens. The standard lens is fit for navigating the amateur phase as one gains experience in using the camera. However, for further enhancement, control, and better quality photographs, a prime lens is required.

Prime lenses are easy to use and significantly offer more clear photographs than zoom lenses. However, they are options in the market that will require some knowledge. Selecting the right lens may be difficult, but here are some factors to consider first.

  • The aperture of the lens which determines to light let in
  • The crop factor
  • Focal length determines the distance between a photographer and their subjects and the quality of photographs taken.
  • The image stabilization
  • The lens's focus shift abilities

4 - Camera Bag

Outdoor photography is thrilling and one of the pleasing aesthetics to achieve perfect photographs. Therefore, it is crucial to get a camera bag to protect and easily carry a camera and other related accessories. Despite the simplicity of a bag, different options allow different packaging and camera handling. Always factor in purchasing a camera bag with extra space on any current photography toolkit one possesses.

5 - Teleconverters

For camera professionals or amateurs using the telephoto lens, one upgrade they may make for their camera is with a teleconverter. Teleconverters grant telephoto lens users the ability to increase their photo length, adding more creative allowance. The pocket-small teleconverters function as an extension lens joining the camera to the primary lens. However, taking photographs with the teleconverter may lower image resolution in relatively low megapixel sensors. Still, overall, teleconverters are a worthy addition to increase one's range and learn more skills.

6 - Remote Shutter Release

Even for photographers, the appeal of getting in front of a camera may come around often. Having a remote shutter release is key when such occasions occur or when they need to shoot free from handling the camera. Remote shutter releases allow a photographer to control the shutter remotely or from a distance away from the camera. The remote shutter release is available in Bluetooth or cable-oriented connections. It is important to acquire one as the need to photograph in long exposure, or stable conditions may arise.

7 - Circular Polarizer Filter

For photographers interested in landscape photography, the polarizer filter is an essential accessory to own. Polarizer filters can enrichen the colors and contrast for beautiful, magical nature photographs. Not only does the circular polarizer filter enhance the green vegetation, rocky mountains, and blue waters and sky, but they also allow better handling of reflections. When shooting landscapes, reflective surfaces such as water can be a hassle, but a polarizer filter enables the photographer to change the effect.