The Perfect Smart Home Needs a Great Smart Display

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Smart displays are essentially similar to voice-controlled speakers but with complete touchscreen displays. They offer a convenient way of running a smart home, offering important information to the user throughout the day. The market provides several great smart displays for different people and needs, serving purposes like staying connected with friends and family, controlling home security, making video calls, watching videos, and even checking on pets and kids. The smart display industry has evolved and flourished over the years, with the Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show 8 at the forefront. With many options available, careful consideration must go into picking the best smart display, taking into consideration factors like size and price. A smaller smart display with a powerful speaker may be ideal for a specific place in the home, while a large display with speakers that fill the room pleasantly is more suitable as an all-around display. Here are some excellent smart displays for a smart home.

1 - Google Nest Hub Max

Some of the reasons to consider the Google Nest Hub Max are the availability of a 3inch subwoofer and stereo speakers that deliver superior sound and a big 10-inch screen, making it easy to see. It also comes with a 6.5MP sensor selfie camera and two microphones. Although it does not have a physical camera cover, the mics and camera can be disconnected using a button found on the display’s rear. Users can contact Google’s smart display through the Duo app, Google assistant, or a different Nest Hub device.

2 - Amazon Echo Show 10

A 10.1-inch screen with a rotating base can follow the users across the room, making this display convenient for walking around the house watching a video or in a video call. Although it is not the most affordable smart display, it is equipped with impressive features to justify the price tag. Besides the swivel base, it has a 13MP camera and functions as a smart home hub, connecting all the home gadgets.

3 - Facebook Portal

This smart display comes with a built-in Alexa, allowing the users to do and see more. Besides using their voice to control their smart home using a Facebook portal, users can also check who is at their front door, watch the news, and even listen to their favorite videos and music. It is equipped with powerful sound, superior hardware, responsive displays, and automatic video call framing. Facebook has also included a camera cover on this smart display to help protect its users’ privacy. This is definitely a nice change for Facebook. 

4 - Lenovo Smart Display 7

This smart display allows users to manage their Google Assistant and every service connected to their Google account. While most of its functionality is similar to those of 8 and 10 models, it comes with the ability to use it in portrait mode, a 2MP front-facing camera, built-in camera shutter, dual-array microphones, and two 5W 1.5nch speakers. It is ideally a smaller version of the Lenovo smart display 8. Its stylish design is kitchen-friendly, so users can cook while enjoying videos or music.

5 - Amazon Echo Show 8

This product has all the features needed to make an excellent smart display, making it one of the best. It has a built-in Alexa AI assistant; hence it can work well with other intelligent home devices. It also has a built-in stereo equipped with two speakers, a 1MP video camera, an 8-inch HD display screen, and 1280 x 800-pixel resolution. Users can use the Echo Show 8 to talk to their family and friends via video call using the Alexa app and a different Echo Show.

6 - JBL Link View

This is a Google Assistant-equipped smart display with impeccable sound. It has a touchscreen, 8-inch display, speaker drivers, and a crisp, bright screen. It performs like the Lenovo Smart Display in that it allows the user to request Google Assistant to answer questions, control devices, play media, and do other functions. All these come with an added advantage of an interactive display. JBL link view offers information like sports scores, general trivia, weather reports, and unit conversions.