Smart Scales Can Be an Important Part of Your Health Routine

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Do you want to know how much weight you've lost? Do you want to know your BMI without having to do some complicated math in your head? Or maybe you're just curious about what your muscle ratio is on the scale. There are many reasons why a smart scale can be an essential part of any health routine, and it's not difficult for them to become one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in your home gym.

The first thing you will notice about a smart scale is that it's not just a weight measuring device. There are many different types of scales, and some only measure your body fat while others offer more features such as step tracking or calorie counting. Unfortunately, this means there is no "one size fits all" for the entire market, making it difficult to know where to start when choosing one! Here are some of the top smart scales on the market today. 

1 - Wyze Scale

The Wyze Scale is one of the best budget-friendly scales available. It's a Bluetooth-enabled scale that integrates with the Wyze application on your smartphone. The app lets you track weight, body fat percentages, and even your muscle levels! It's Bluetooth enabled, so if you want to use it on a different device, just download the Wyze app and sync your account!

2 - Fitbit Aria Smart Scale

The Fitbit Aria is another excellent option for those looking to keep their costs down. This smart scale syncs wirelessly with the free Fitbit app on your phone and can track weight, body fat percentage, BMI, and lean mass. It also offers an excellent backlit display with large numbers, so it's easy to read even if you're not close to the scale!

3 - Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale

The Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale is one of the more expensive scales on this list. The scale can track weight, BMI, and body fat percentage. It also offers WiFi integration with the Withings app on your phone, so you can easily share your stats to social media.

4 - The QardioBase

If you're looking for something that will help motivate long-term changes in your diet and lifestyle, the QardioBase is a good option. This scale offers both weight tracking as well as progress towards goals like living healthier, exercising more, or eating better.

5 - Nokia Body Cardio Scale WLS-40W

The Nokia Body Cardio Scale WLS-40W is a simple yet effective scale. It tracks weight and BMI with the ability to measure body fat percentage in both user and professional modes. This scale also integrates nicely with Nokia's Health Mate app on your phone. This way, you can effortlessly share data like heart rate and blood pressure levels directly from the scales measurements without going through another device first.

6 - iHealth Smart Scale

The iLight body analysis scale measures weight, BMI, and percentage of fat. It also provides a muscle-to-fat ratio measurement which is based on the electrical conductivity of your skin. This information is then used to help calculate how many calories you're burning during any given day for various activities like walking or running as well as what kind of activity might be best suited for you personally based on this data.

7 - Eufy BodySense Smart Scale

The Eufy BodySense smart scale is a slim, modern design with a large and clear screen. It has an elegant backlit display which can be seen from nearly anywhere in the room while it also shows your weight to 0.05 pounds accuracy on its high-resolution LCD touch screen. The unit allows you to track up to 16 people at one time, so if you live with family or roommates, this might be something worth considering, especially when those things start piling up!

8 - Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale

If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, the Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale is worth considering. This scale has a sleek design and also comes with an impressive 12-month warranty as well as a wireless connection to your smartphone.