Smart Faucets Can Improve Home Efficiency

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Smart faucets are becoming more and more common in the cloud integrated home. Along with other smart devices, they’re saving money and energy while making life easier. However, even if an individual doesn’t have any other smart devices, this one is a definite must-have. Even the simplest models contain time- and effort-saving features that can make complicated maneuvers, such as washing hands caked in dough, much less messy.

The more sophisticated models have more bells and whistles, with an accompanying application that renders keeping track of water usage and other features simple. In a smart kitchen, these faucets fit into an integrated home network with seamless precision. Because they’ve been around for a few years, newer and more sophisticated options are now available, and they’re also energy star rated for their efficiency. This saves the average homeowner money, both directly and through use.

Smart Faucet Features

Not only do they look great, but they also come with a host of benefits. It’s important to discern between touchless faucets and smart faucets, here. Touchless faucets are those that are equipped with a sensor or touch-sensitivity anywhere along the body of the faucet. While this is a benefit also used in smart faucets, touchless models usually stop here and don’t have an app associated with them.

Most smart faucets can tell you the temperature of the water before it comes out of the tap. More sophisticated models will allow you to adjust the temperature through Alexa or Google Home features that are integrated with the app that comes with the faucet. Still, there’s more. Many of the sophisticated models offer the voice activation as well as simple commands such as “fill this pot” or other vessels. This latter takes a bit of massaging, but ultimately works wonders, since it saves water and time. One other feature that is more and more common is protection against freezing. It will keep the water moving in the pipes just enough to keep them from freezing when the temperature outside drops below a certain point.

Benefits of Smart Faucet Installation

With any faucet in the house, the benefits for kids are the first things that many look at when comparing options. Whether practicing good oral and manual hygiene in the bathroom or helping make something delicious in the kitchen, the benefit of a smart faucet is that the water can be set at a certain temperature to prevent scalding. Plus, small hands can’t always reach handles, so an infrared or touch-anywhere system can come in handy. Speaking of no-handles, touching it anywhere with a clean wrist can also benefit adults, since it’s more sanitary. Often, in the kitchen, one is focused on preparing food. This can be messy, but it won’t involve facent handles with a smart faucet.

Then, there’s the energy and resource saving power of any of the smart models available today. While they do require some additional power, in the form of an outlet or a battery pack, there are some serious advantages to them. They receive the energy star rating, which can return dividends directly through a rebate program as well as indirectly through use. Even a few seconds each time of turning the water off or on with traditional faucets can add up to a substantial amount over time.

Top Smart Faucet Models

There are several options on the market today. Some of the best smart faucets include: 

  • Moen U Sleek Pull-down - Moen is, of course, at the top of the game. They make excellent products, smart and otherwise. This faucet is battery powered, but that’s about the only downside to it. It links with Google Home or Alexa, and one can create customized routines. As well, one can give specific commands, with water temperature and amount, and simply wait while the faucet does its thing. Plus, there is a push button that temporarily intensifies the water pressure for tasks that require a bit more elbow grease.
  • Delta VoiceIQ - This model does it all. It does require six AA batteries for the Touch20 technology and an under the sink outlet with an AC adapter is required for the voice activation. However, with those out of the way, it can be activated by a simple wave or a touch along any part of its faucet. It integrates with Alexa, Google Home, or your AI of choice. And it has a top-rated warranty.