There Are Subscription Boxes For Nearly Any Hobby or Activity!

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When it comes to a person’s interests, no two people are alike. Whether you’re interested in the latest celebrity information or new tech coming out of Japan, your downtime and enjoyment are your own. One of the best ways to enjoy something you know you love (or check out some new things) is through subscription boxes.

Monthly subscription boxes have become incredibly popular. What started as a way to get obscure merchandise has exploded into every aspect of commerce. Hobbies are fun, however sometimes they can stagnate. A subscription box will give a person to discover new and interesting aspects of their hobby. What follows are some of the best hobby subscription boxes.

1 - Kiwi Co

Not everyone is great at arts and crafts. Instructions may be complicated, or there may be a missing piece or item. Arts are crafts are a great family activity and Kiwi Co offers people a great chance to try out some fun do it yourself crafts. Their crates are designed for different ages, which means that they are a perfect option for parents looking for some fun things for their children to try. These crates run around $20 per month. Unlike a lot of other subscription boxes, shipping is free!

2 - Loot Crate

Loot crate was one of the first and most popular type of subscription boxes. It focuses on the what’s considered “nerd” culture. This includes gaming, comics, superheroes, anime and more! Loot crate usually comes with a mix of collectible items like figurines and a t shirt in each. Loot crate has pretty standard pricing for a subscription box and costs just under $20 per month, though there’s often a $5 shipping charge included as well. Each month has a different theme, and it’s possible to skip months if you're not interested in that specific one. Loot crate ships to tons of countries all over the world, so if you ever leave the country, you can keep getting your fix!

3 - Japan Crate

Asian culture is of great interest to many people. Japan crate offers the chance to engage in asian culture while taking part in another thing people love: Snacks. Japan box sends a collection of candy and snacks to you every month for you to try out. They also offer some additional crates which have Japanese noodles, cosmetics or toys. Japan Crate premium costs $35 per month. Some of the other theme crates are less expensive however.

4 - Knitcrate

Knitting has continued to grow in popularity as people realized how rewarding it is. Knitting can be time consuming, so why spend a lot of time looking for patterns and getting supplies? Knitcrate offers premium materials and wool, in addition to specifically designed patterns. These patterns can be for knitting or also for crocheting. A subscription to Knitcrate is $25 per month. For people who like to knit socks, they also offer “Sock Crate”. For $20 per month, you can get knitting patterns and wool specifically for beautifully designed and comfortable socks.

5 - GlobeIn Artisan Box

This is a very interesting and different type of subscription box. This box indulges people interested in learning more about cultures around the world. This box has a mix of decorations and lifestyle items that can be used. However, every item in the box has been curated from an artisan somewhere around the world. These boxes are more customizable than some other crates. Choices can be made, or simple themes like “Wander” can be selected and the items will be chosen for you. The cost for this subscription box is $40 per month, though some discounts can be had if you pay for multiple months up front.

6 - Marvel Collector Corps

If you’re a Marvel fan, you want to get the most out of your collections. Each of these boxes comes packed full of Marvel content, often with exclusive items that are only created for these boxes! People will get a mix of clothing, collectibles and other accessories. Each box costs $32 and is said to contain items with a minimum MSRP of $50 for the items within.