Find Yourself the Right Garage Door Opener

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The garage is an important part of most homes. For some people, it’s the perfect protection for their vehicles. For others, it becomes a workshop to build or repair things. For many families, it’s where they store all of their fun outdoor equipment. A garage is an important aspect to a lot of people.

Most garages now come with automatic openers. These allow people to open the door with the push of a button, whether that button is located within the garage or in a car. It’s a great option for people who live in locales with inclement weather, or have back injuries preventing them from bending and thrusting up these heavy doors. Automatic door openers for garages in the past were plagued with faulty technology. There’s not many people who were early adopters who don’t have stories of having to press their remote multiple times in their car to get it to register. Modern garage door openers are proving to be far more pliable and useful!

Traditional Garage Door Openers

The old classic automatic door opener does still exist. Receptors are better however. There is a central hub within the garage which receives responses from button presses and then causes the door to open or close.

Typically there’s three locations in which “buttons” will be located. The first is the most obvious and that’s within a person’s car. The entire goal is to make sure that you don’t need to get out of the car when it’s raining or snowing and you have things that can be damaged inside. The second location is right beside the garage door. This is so that people can open it and exit from the garage door. Also, it’s so they can press it and quickly leave as it closes (or press it from outside and see it close). The final location is by the door from the garage into the house. This of course assumes that there’s an interior door leading to the home. This allows the person who has driven their car in to close the door.

Wifi Enabled Garage Door Openers

Wifi garage door openers take the uncertainty out of the standard system. Rather than using remotes which may or may not work or can run out of batteries, these systems attach themselves to a person’s wifi network.

The remote to open the doors is instead your phone! Most systems will work with both android and with apple phones. This doesn’t apply to every door however, so it’s important to make sure that your garage door will work with yours.

In addition, you can access your garage door from anywhere you’re connected to the internet. This can put your mind at ease and ensure that your house and contents are closed. Some of the best smart garage door openers include:

  • Asante Garage with Video Camera
  • Garage Door Buddy
  • Aladdin Connect
  • Garadget
  • GarageMate

Benefits of Smart Garage Door Openers

Smart devices almost always have benefits when they are set up in a home. Smart garage door openers are no different. These can make up a great part of a person’s smart home. Some of the benefits that these offer are:

  • Security - Most systems offer alerts or warnings when the garage door is opened unexpectedly. Guest access can also be set up so that friends or family can come over without triggering. Many openers also come with video setups to allow for live view or recording of openings.
  • Convenience - Old garage door openers took up space attached to windscreens or in the glove box. It’s rare for people to not have their phones anymore.
  • Variety - For people who don’t want to use wifi, there are also other options. Z-Wave and bluetooth are possible choices as well. This works if you are nervous about people hacking into your wifi connection.
  • Affordable - Most systems come with a pretty low startup price. While some ask for subscriptions, this is typically for video surveillance storage or other advanced features. Systems can be set up for anywhere between $50 and $250.