Businesses Are Taking Advantage of Emergency Alert Systems

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Random crime sprees, accidents, and other potential dangers have kept people in fear for decades. The anxiety of the possibility of falling or having a medical emergency can actually keep people frozen in fear and locked inside their homes. It is not uncommon, especially among the elderly, to witness people who refuse to go out in public alone due to these concerns. Instead, they will wait for a friend, family member, or paid transportation service to arrive and accompany them on their errands related to daily living. However, there is a solution to this paralyzing fear. Emergency alert devices and monitoring services continue to increase in popularity among a variety of citizens populations. The ease of use and compatibility with most technology operating systems encourages users to purchase a device and enroll in a monitoring system.

What is an Emergency Alert System?

An emergency alert system is an automated notification system for home or business use. Essentially, a monitoring service provider will establish a perimeter for coverage in a home or business complex. In the event of an emergency, the predetermined action call can be placed by the user to the monitoring service provider. Response time from a representative is typically a few seconds or less.

Services requested will vary by the customer request and may include instant access to fire, police, and medical rescue personnel. Devices can be set to provide as much or as little monitoring as required for personal or business use. Some devices can be setup to detect potential falls, lack of movement, or intruder alerts. With so many features to choose from, customers are encouraged to personalize their emergency alert device to fully meet their specific needs. While many people use emergency alert services for medical reasons, businesses have started to use them even more for weather based emergencies like hurricanes, mudslides or tornados.

Benefits of Emergency Alert Services

There are obvious benefits to obtaining an emergency alert device and obtaining membership with an emergency alert monitoring service. Some of the most commonly cited benefits from actual customers and users include the following:

  • Peace of mind - Users who have been trapped indoors due to fear of an accident or fall can now enjoy life to the fullest. With the peace of mind provided with an emergency alert service, customers know that help is available at the touch of a button. Family and friends will also feel more comfortable knowing that their loved one is protected and able to explore their freedom.
  • Notification alerts - Notification alerts are programmable and can be sent to predetermined contacts established by the user. Some emergency alert service providers even offer the ability to send mass communication alerts to multiple people or agencies at once. This feature is especially great for businesses trying to reach hundreds of thousands of employees.
  • Tracking capabilities - Tracking capabilities are an important feature for users who may be struggling with sensitive issues such as getting lost easily. Family and loved ones, as well as medical personnel, are able to instantly locate an individual who may be lost, disoriented, or otherwise unable to effectively communicate their location to authorities.

Popular Emergency Alert Services

There is a whole host of other emergency alert services available. To find the best option in a provider, it is best to research and comparison shop for one that provides the most features for the specific needs that are of greatest concern to your loved one or business.

  • Life Station
  • AlertFind
  • ADT Health
  • Medical Alert
  • Life Fone
  • Get Safe

Each of these popular brands offer the same basic features. Twenty-four hour monitoring services, direct access to medical personnel, operator assistance, and affordable monthly costs are generally available in all major monitoring service providers.

The additional features that can be added by the user are customer specific and vary by the emergency alert monitoring service provider. Plans can be customized and changed as the need arises. With all the available options and protection that come with procuring an emergency alert subscription, there is really no reason not to enroll your loved one or business with an emergency alert device and monitoring service.