Monthly Shave Club Subscriptions Are an Exciting Alternative

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For something as simple as shaving, there’s been a shocking amount of change and innovation within the industry. What started with a straight razor turned into disposables. From there, the iconic multi blade razors with replaceable heads showed up. In addition, many people prefer electric razors. Getting proper razors and blades should be easy.

As facial hair has continued to be a more important statement for men and their style, shaving has evolved further. Items are designed for men who want beards, stubble or really any length or style of facial hair. Proper creams and oils allow a beard to glisten and skin to stay beautifully smooth. Finding the right stuff can be tricky. Monthly shave clubs started as a way to get discounts on expensive razors. Their effect on the economy of razors was almost instantaneous with the big guys dropping prices. From there, these clubs expanded into more unique items intended to create a luxury shave experience. There are many shave clubs and subscriptions you may want to try.

1 - Dollar Shave Club

The name seemed to say it all for this shave club. The idea was to manufacture and deliver blades at a fraction of the cost of other companies. Dollar shave club now offers several different razors to choose from. Costs for their razors do range from their low end $1 offering up to around $9 per month. Blades can be delivered as often or rarely as you want. The downside to dollar shave club is there’s not a lot of extras to be included in the experience.

2 - Harry’s

This shave club is incredibly popular and many people consider it the best option. Harry’s shave club has different plans that you can choose from. Simple subscriptions include blades and run $8 per month. For the more enticing shaves, you can get razors, shave gels and creams to keep your face feeling smooth and comfortable. The high end plans can get up to around $24 each month.

3 - Birchbox Man

This subscription ignores the razors, assuming you can find a good deal on them somewhere else. This box instead provide grooming sample products so that people can experience various shave items to find some they like. A variety of beard oils, hair gels, shampoos and moisturizers will be found within. In addition, there’s often some addition products for people to enjoy. Birchbox Man comes in at only $10 per month.

4 - Gillette Shave Club

Gillette quickly went to enter the shave club game as they saw the success of their smaller competitors. This package is often shipped monthly, but it can be delayed if you don’t use razors as quickly as some people. Costs will range between $17 and $23 each month. You can choose which of the gillette products you want and get some quality shave gel in each box.

5 - Wet Shave Club

This is one of the more expensive shave boxes as it runs around $30 each month. The goal of this kit is to provide some truly premium items for people who are interested in taking their shaving to the next level. One benefit is the high end razor and the shaving brush that comes in your first box. It’s the perfect entry into beautiful shaves.

6 - Happy Legs Club

Shave clubs aren’t just for men. This shave club is one which aims to provide women with comfort for shaving their legs. Razors are provided every month and they are specifically designed for women’s curves and legs. The price of this club is not particularly malignant, as it costs $12 for each box.