These Tips Can Ensure You Are Providing Great Dog Care

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Dogs have a variety of benefits they offer to their owners. Caring for a dog can assist in relieving anxiety and depression, lower levels of stress, and even cause an improvement in heart health. Most dog owners are aware of the immediate joys canines offer. More recent studies have delved into the science behind the advantages of the bond between dogs and humans. Playing with dogs can elevate a person's specific hormone levels that relax and calm the body. Dog owners have also been found to have lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Dogs fulfill a basic human need: that of touch. Stroking, hugging, and generally contacting a loving animal has the benefits of soothing and calming people. With all of these advantages offered by dogs, it is only right that people do their best to reciprocate the relationship with excellent care. Whether a first-time dog parent or a life-long friend to canines, reviewing canine needs is useful.

1 - Meet the Dog's Living Environment Needs

Some dog breeds require more space than others to be happy. This is not necessarily guided by size. Some quite large dogs, with adequate walks, can be content in apartment settings, while some very small dogs are so high energy that they need a house with property to run around in. Regardless, within the home, dogs should have a space to call their own. Crate training offers the benefit of keeping dogs safely confined at need while giving them a safe space to go when they need a time out from the bustle of daily life. A crate is not the only option. Another is a bed in a corner that is out of the way or a cozy den behind a piece of furniture. Dogs should have living environments that are clean and sanitary.

2 - Maintain a Supply of Fresh Water and Provide a Proper Regular Diet

Hydration is as important for dogs as it is for their humans. Clean, fresh, water should always be available for your dog to drink at need. Diet is likewise a vital element to maintaining a healthy canine companion. Feed quality food, and be sure not to overfeed. Obesity is a common problem among dogs as it is among humans. A veterinarian can recommend a proper amount and timing based on a dog's size, level of activity, age, and breed. Healthy treats can supplement a good diet and assist with training and reinforcing good behavior.

3 - Seek Regular Veterinary Care

A veterinarian can provide proper vaccination schedules, deworming, and the control of external parasites. Keep vaccination records at home and carry them when traveling with the dog. Establish a good relationship with a veterinarian, so that they know your dog and can better help if something is amiss. Contact them when the dog seems injured or unwell in some way. Consider the veterinarian to be part of a team with you, working to keep the dog in the best possible condition.

4 - Exercise Body and Mind

A tired dog is generally a well-behaved dog. This axiom does not mean that a dog should be exercised to the point of exhaustion, but the canine should have a chance to burn off excess energy. Also important is mental stimulation. This can be provided with games such as hiding toys and with training new abilities and tricks. When dogs grow bored, they get frustrated just as humans do. This tends to be when furniture or shoes get destroyed, not out of acts of malice, but simple boredom. Provide toys that interest the dog and interaction that engages with the dog.

5 - Provide Communication and Quality Time

Dogs are pack animals. While they have adapted to make humans part of their pack, they still require social time. It is unfair to a dog to claim the canine and then pay inadequate attention to them. As mentioned before, this is good for humans as it is for dogs. Everyone benefits from a good relationship. Also, the more time spent together, the quicker problems appear, from health problems to behavioral issues to nip in the bud. Grooming counts toward this quality time, so consider making brushing, nail trimming, and teeth cleaning a time to chat with and connect with the dog.