There's a Wide Variety of Different Blanket Types to Help You Feel Comfortable

banner of here's a Wide Variety of Different Blanket Types to Help You Feel Comfortable

Whether a person just wants to cuddle with someone special, fight off seasonally cold temperatures or needs some extra assurance during a rough patch in their life, a blanket is a handy item to have. Blankets can keep a person, or even an animal, warm and make an otherwise uncomfortable surface bearable for sleeping upon.

The premise behind this article is to highlight just how many different types of blankets humankind has come up with. Not only will there be a breakdown of specific blanket types but there will also be a focus on explaining the purposes, properties or unique relevance for each blanket listed here; after all, not every blanket is intended for use as an insulating sleeping aid. By the end of this article, it would make sense to have an urge to do some shopping or even learn how to sew or quilt; whatever means a reader may have available to acquire or fabricate that one blanket that calls out to them.

1 - Comforter

Comforters are popular blankets that are composed of something warm like down, cotton or polyfill sandwiched between two massive sheets of fabric. Obviously, the fabrics used influence the softness on each side of the comforter; this is why leading models feature a blended polyester or cotton exterior. They are softer and warmer than traditional blankets.They are light and appealing. They can be combined with a duvet cover. They are also ready to go out of the packaging.

Some models are finicky to clean and are either not recommended for machine washing or must only be dry cleaned. They are not a good fit for warm climates or weather.

2 - Weighted/Gravity Blanket

This type of blanket contains heavy substances like plastic or glass beads within its interior. Anyone who has slept with a weighted blanket and been asked about the experience will likely mention that it was rather calming. These sorts of blankets help with falling asleep as the extra weight pins the user down, cutting down on any tossing or turning. These sorts of blankets have been utilized by occupational therapists to treat patients. In this capacity, gravity blankets can help with anxiety, depression, autism and issues with processing sensory input. 

They are ideal for people with sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome as it reduces stress and anxiety. It allows people with ADHD to focus and relax. Many people feel less anxiety. Unfortunately, they are hard to travel with and understandably, cleaning is a chore.

3 - Quilt

Quilts have three layers. While the top and bottom layers are made of fabric, the middle layer is where the quilt's filling goes. Quilt filling tends to be of cotton, polyester or wool. The main distinctions between a quilt and other types of blankets are the manner in which the item is stitched together and the various fabrics and designs woven therein. The sheer variety of designs for quilts means that they can be used as either something to snuggle under in bed or something to hang up as an art piece. Quilts do not trap as much heat as a comforter. They are easy to carry. Quilts should only be dry cleaned.

4 - Heated Blanket

This innovation augments a blanket's innate ability to trap heat with circuitry, resulting in an even greater ability to keep the user warm. This sort of blanket either plugs into an electrical outlet or has an attached battery-powered remote and utilizes that power to radiate warmth from the filling layer. The effectiveness of this sort of blanket can be a godsend in situations where keeping a room heated is difficult. Many of these blankets include an operational timer so as to avoid starting an electrical fire from prolonged use. They are ideal for colder temperatures and climates. You can find heated versions of multiple varieties of blanket.

Heated blankets are reliant on batteries or sleeping within distance of an outlet. They are a potential fire hazard if left on for too long. They are unnecessary in warm, tropical or desert climates. Cleaning is tricky as well.