A Portable Freezer Keeps Your Food and Drinks Fresh Anywhere

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A portable freezer is a great appliance to have if you live in an area that experiences more than one type of climate. They are also perfect for people who like to travel or camp, as they can be moved from place to place easily.

There are two types of portable freezers: the ice chest and the small refrigerator style. The ice chest style will keep things cool but not frozen, while the refrigerator-style model will keep things cold and mostly frozen depending on what setting it is on.

The main difference between an ice chest style and a refrigerator style model is that the freezer will be at its full capacity in a fridge while it only does so for four hours with an ice chest (depending on how cold you have the setting).

The downside of this kind of cooler is that it needs to be hooked up to power for it to work properly. If you're going somewhere remote where there isn't any electricity, then your new portable freezer won't do anything for you unless you figure out how to bring the power with you. There are also small versions of these two styles available if space constraints are an issue.

Types of Portable Freezers

  • Ice Chests - Ice chests are the cheapest option when it comes to a portable freezer. They also take up the least amount of space and weight while taking up more power than an electric model. Features of ice chests include a chest strap, a drain plug for excess water that accumulates inside the cooler, and two handles to carry it with. The new generation of ice chests also has an external latch bar on one side so you can quickly open it with your hands or fingers. Some ice chests are elevated and on wheels as well. 
  • Electric Freezers - Most electric freezers are powered by battery packs which means they don't need power outlets to function as traditional fridges do. They're typically smaller than their chest counterparts but take up more space when not in use due to being stored upright instead of lying flat on their back. You'll find models available at different price points made from materials such as plastic, steel, and Styrofoam-covered metal sheeting for insulation purposes. Electric models will be your most expensive option, but they are far superior in terms of what you can store, how long things stay cold for, and how much energy is used.
  • Refrigerator Style - This kind is like having a mini-fridge on wheels! It's perfect if you want something that looks classy or has many different options regarding cooling down food such as ice packs, etc. However, this type takes a bit longer to set up since there is no 'plug-in' option, so make sure wherever you're going isn't too remote before deciding to buy one of these.
  • Beverage Cooler - These are designed to store beverage cans and bottles with an internal cooling unit powered by electricity or a gas-powered chiller (if you want something on the go). This type will be your cheapest option, but it won't keep things for as long since there's no insulation, so cooler temperatures will need time to build up again when taken out into warm surroundings.
  • Soft-Sided Rollers - If you're looking for something compact, this would be perfect! It isn't heavy-duty enough to carry around big pieces of meat like in a deep freeze model, though, so if that's what you need, then this might not be right for you. They come in different sizes and shapes, which makes them ideal for different situations.

Portable Freezers Popular Models

Some popular models include the Coleman 18-Quart Cooler, which is a great camping or boating companion. Other brands to check out are Arctic Zone and Igloo as well.

  • Coleman 18-Quart Cooler - The Coleman 18 quart cooler is a great camping or boating companion. It is the perfect size for carrying around snacks and drinks on long trips without taking up too much space.
  • Arctic Zone Portable Cooler - The Arctic Zone cooler is another one of the more popular brands that you'll find in stores today. They have many different models and sizes, so it's important to choose wisely when making your purchase!
  • Igloo 12-Can Beverage Cooler - This Igloo beverage cooler has 12 can capacity, which makes it ideal for parties, picnics, sporting events - anywhere where there will be lots of people who want cold beverages all the time. Inside this model are two separate compartments with adjustable shelves and an exterior ice bucket attached under the lid. The Igloo 12-can beverage cooler is a perfect all-around choice that will meet your needs whether you are looking for something small or large to keep drinks cold and people happy!