Which Automated Email Services Are the Best For Your Business?

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Although you will find numerous marketing tools in the market, email marketing services are still one of the most affordable tools that have high returns. If you are a business owner looking for a marketing tool that could work for you, you should try an automated email service. Automated email services are designed to ensure that you minimize the actual amount of work needed to be completed in order to get the best returns from your advertising campaigns. This means that more campaigns can be launched and they are even more successful! The list below contains some of the top automated email services based on usability, affordability, convenience, and the features that come with each service.

1 - Constant Contact

This email service is among the best because it can work for any business. Users of this email service enjoy a user-friendly platform that is easy and quick to set up. You will also benefit from the technical support provided by the service provider on a 24/7 basis. The customer support agents are responsive and keen on improving your experience. Some of the factors that make Constant Contact different from the rest include extensive online training to customers and access to webinars that will ensure users achieve their campaign objectives. The platform can also be integrated with social media easily, thus allowing you to advertise on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You can use the email service for registrations, event invitations, and ticketing (Email Plus package).

2 - ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign email services allow users to drip emails through subscriber interaction, user interests, location, behavior, history, and many other defined factors. Business owners can use this automated email service to manage and automate the entire life cycle of their clients. Users have the option of going for the Active Campaigns Tags + OptinMonster to initiate and manage drip campaigns on their websites. If you are looking for an effective automated email service, this could be perfect for you because it helps you handle marketing automation, it is compatible with different channels, and it features an inbuilt CRM for enhanced convenience.

3 - SendInBlue

Are you looking for a powerful automated email service? If you are, you should try using SendInBlue. The low budget platform also allows you to enjoy a free but limited plan. The platform has not been around for long. It combines the power of both email and short messages [SMS] to help entrepreneurs market their services. One of its attractive features is the free plan that businesses could use before opting for a paid plan. Some of the platform's top features include an email layout optimization, list management, and campaign reporting.

4 - Campaigner

Campaigner email service was developed for business owners who want a simple automated email service that is capable of offering significant email variations. Campaigner provides users with more than 1200 email variations. Some of the tasks that this platform can help you perform include tracking, organizing, and preventing spams. The platform allows users to see those receiving, clicking, and opening their emails with ease. The platform is highly customizable, thus allowing users to tailor it to their unique business needs. Unlike other automated email services, however, Campaigner does not offer a free plan.

5 - MailerLite

MailerLite is a unique automated email service that allows any business owner to initiate marketing campaigns within the shortest time possible. Using the email service, a business owner could customize his or her email marketing campaigns easily by optimizing and using the platform's advanced targeting features. It also has a drag-and-drop editor that helps you work fast. The platform also features a MailerLite + OptinMonster feature that users could utilize to create signup forms and customize them based on their target's behaviors.