Help Desk Automation Still Provides Good Service

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Help Desk Ticketing is a tried and true method for companies to do enmasse IT work with their employees. Help Desk Ticketing is most commonly used in large companies—particularly those employing long-distance or work-from-home employees. This sort of ticketing service allows employees to file for IT help from anywhere in the world and receive answers to their problems.

The ticketing service allows the IT department to prioritize and organize requests by categories and importance. Oftentimes, this organization leads to mass ticket resolutions as IT people are able to find patterns in the problems mentioned throughout tickets. This allows them to send out instructions to the entire company to warn against, preemptively fix, and train employees how to fix the problem en masse.This creates an atmosphere of efficiency to keep companies moving smoothly—especially those with remote employees and independent contractors.

The following post serves as an educational guide for helping you understand the ins and outs of help desk automation for use in your own company, whether you are a small startup or are a large company looking for a more effective way to handle IT requests.

Who Uses Help Desk Ticketing?

As well as being useful for in-house IT issues like those mentioned above, help desk ticketing can also do wonders for improving a company’s customer relations. Helpdesk tickets are the way your customer support team sorts through consumer questions, errors and requests. By creating an easy to access online portal for your consumers, you create an atmosphere which allows your consumers to concisely relay their problem to your IT and customer service representative team. Many companies do this through an email service on their Contact Us page. However, these services can be done over the phone or through Chatbots for more efficient reception and solutions.

Your help desk ticketing service will help your consumers find the department they need to talk to in order to discuss their issue. This allows your people the best chance to help consumers in a timely manner. Not only will consumers avoid the red tape and the run around of transferring from department to department, but your employees will be equipped with all the information that they need to provide the consumer with the necessary information—including the ticket number if a problem persists.

Benefits of Automation Help Desks

Automation help desks offer a two main benefits which help keep employees and customers happy. The first benefit is personalized support. No one likes talking to a robot, especially when trying to deal with a specific problem. By having an automatic help desk service in place, your consumers will be able to find the exact department they need to talk to. This will allow your customer service representative to provide them with personalized care. In fact, a good customer service rep will help put the consumer at ease by getting to know them. A robot cannot do that. This will make the resolution process go much more smoothly and your consumer—who likely came in frustrated—has the opportunity to leave satisfied and comforted.

The second benefit is a reduced backlog of tasks. Because your IT and customer service representatives will have an organized catalogue of their tasks, they will be able to consolidate their workloads by searching for a single solution to related problems. This will optimize your IT efficiency and reduce problems in the future.

Popular Help Desk and Automation

Automating your help desk software can take several forms. On the customer service and employee help side, one of the most popular automation tools is found in the troubleshooting chatbot. A troubleshooting chatbot is not able to run the diagnostics for you, however, they can help guide a worker or a customer through the troubleshooting process step by step to ensure they are getting the guidance they need. This will reduce ticket influx because it is teaching consumers how to deal with the smaller problems on their own with the help of an automated guide.

Another popular help desk automation are password resetting tools. Due to the highly complicated nature of choosing a safe password, most people end up forgetting what password they have linked to a specific account. This results in lockouts which waste time and energy—especially if the locked out party has to wait for someone in the main office to send them a new password. Therefore, using a password automation plugin is a great way to allow workers and customers to safely reset their passwords on their own to reduce ticket influxes.

Ultimately, automating your help desk service allows you the opportunity to make your business more efficient as more of your time can be spent proactively solving specific problems and allowing consumers to work through minor issues themselves—with a little help from automation.