How To Elevate Your Engine’s Performance

You depend on your car to get you where you need to go without breakdowns. During the day your vehicle moves with your lifestyle without much problem. However, any vehicle and its auto parts undergo issues as it increases in mileage and in years. Your car’s engine may show signs of decreased performance. These warning sings may include lower fuel efficiency, stalling, loss of power, noises or rough idling. Luckily, there are few steps you can take to increase your engine’s performance which can pay off in the long run and prevent you from spending huge amounts in the future.


Weight Reduction

Years on the road takes it toll on your vehicle. Heavy equipment and cargo put strain on your suspension and engine. Therefore, your vehicle spends more energy which in turn causes a drop in miles per gallon. Meanwhile, lighter loads cause your engine to not exert as much energy. While this may not cause a tangible difference at first, extended trips and numerous heavy loads decrease your engine’s performance. One way to fundamentally lower your car’s weight are lighter auto parts. Many current manufacturers are noticing this difference and building more lightweight components. Adding lighter wheels can also improve engine performance. Remember to always consult your manufacturer’s manual to see which parts work with your vehicle.


Increase Compression

Your vehicle is essentially powered by a chemical reaction. This occurs when gasoline, air and a spark come together to form a small explosion of energy. This then moves pistons that are held inside cylinders which move the mechanism that gets your wheels moving. What can make the difference between a car with low performance and one with high performance is what is called the compression ratio. This is calculated using the volume of the cylinder and combustion chamber when the piston is at its lowest point in comparison to the volume of this mechanism when the piston is at its highest point. Many engines run at around 6:1 or 8:1. A higher ratio means more air is being compressed into a smaller space and therefore causes a larger explosion which leads to increased performance. Some ways to increase this ratio are changing into a cylinder with a smaller diameter or changing to a rounder piston design.


Filter Maintenance

One of our auto parts that work silently are our filters. This is one part that makes contact with our car’s fuel. This filter catches any dirt or foreign objects that have seeped into fuel during transportation. If this component becomes clogged, your engine slows down as it must work harder to push fuel to get your car moving. Your car may fail to start or even sputter once it is moving. Cleaning and replacing your fuel filter in addition to your air filter can take off strain from the engine and improve its performance.

A number of these in combination with regular engine maintenance can keep your engine performing at its highest level. Any of these modifications can be made with a qualified mechanic or with top-notch auto parts. Contact a qualified part supplier and elevate your driving experience.